Ferrari not happy with secret skydiving from Charles Leclerc


Formula 1 drivers are often called dare devils and often seek excitement and sensation, both on and off the road. The drivers can often be tempted by everything that has to do with speed and action. A major problem, however, lies in the risk that the drivers run with this, something that the teams are not happy with.

Contracts F1 drivers

Partly due to the dangers that the drivers run, F1 teams want to exclude them from looking for the dangers anyway. In addition to the salary and the contract duration, the contracts of the drivers and teams now also state which things or athletes are not allowed to do.

It is all the more strange that Leclerc nevertheless took the risk of skydiving last winter. In December Leclerc posted a photo on Instagram showing him during a skydive jump.

No permission requested

Charles Leclerc did not request permission from Ferrari, he said: “I did not request permission from Ferrari. I told myself” if things go wrong then I am no longer there so they cannot speak to me about it. I am there just went for it but they were a bit angry with me. I won’t do it again, it was a one-time trip and really great to do. ”

Binotto team boss not happy

Ferrari team boss Binotto is not at all happy with the situation: “Charles is a boy we trained ourselves in our program. It is the first time that a driver from our training program actually races for Ferrari. I hope others will follow him. The way he won in Monza, in his second season in F1, is something big. ”

“Sometimes, however, drivers cause us a lot of headache. Charles has made the choice to go skydiving and has told none of our team about it. Whether I have forgiven him? No. He said he won’t do it again so I hope that he has understood our message. ”

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