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FDF: The Hague on 19 February on the chopping block


If it is up to President Mark van den Oever of Farmers Defense Force (FDF), “The Hague is on the chopping block”, during the next announced action on 19 February.

On Friday 14 February the campaigners will once again make clear to the farmers why they should join the tractor campaign. FDF points out 8 points:

  • Too little has been done with the input from the Agricultural Collective.
  • Loss of value of agricultural land due to larger nature reserves.
  • There is still no extra money for mink farming.
  • “On the assembly line” ban on plant protection products.
  • FDF wants to increase the phosphate fertilization standard: 50 kg per hectare, instead of the current 40 kg / ha.
  • Nitrogen policy is based on “nonsense” and therefore has no effect.
  • FDF wants a better revenue model.
  • Politics must take its responsibility.

Engage in battle

Van den Oever emphasizes in the statement that the farmers are never summoned without reason: “FDF wants to become a large organization with influence, supported by you. To represent your interests at all times. We are farmers. What we prefer to do is work at home on the farm! But then politicians know what to do with us. We are aware of this. Now we have to fight. February 19 is such a day, “he writes.

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