‘Favorite’ Willem II disappoints: ‘PSV only lost at home from AZ …’


Willem II could not make a fist on Saturday in the away match against PSV. Jordens Peters is disappointed, but also sees that fame has rushed ahead of Tilburgers. He expresses his astonishment at the favorite role in the Philips Stadium.

“Funny how those expectations have risen,” the 32-year-old captain says FOX Sports. “We took care of that ourselves. PSV is also in a lesser phase, but at home they just win a lot. They had won seven, tied three and lost one. That was against AZ, because they got red early So we really knew that we were not going to get an easy game here. ”
Still, Peters thinks that Willem II showed too little. “I expected something more from ourselves in the first half.” Coach Adrie Koster could not ignore that. He is critical of his team’s game. “You have to go differently against top clubs, we had far too much respect for PSV. In the second half we picked up a bit better, but it was too little, and then you lose 3-0.”


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