Fatal avalanche Turkey: 33 dead, still many people under the snow | Abroad


The victims reportedly helped with the excavation of a minibus that had previously been buried in snow. Five people in the minibus also died, bringing the total number of deaths to 38. Eight people were saved after the first avalanche. A total of 53 people were injured. Television images showed that dozens of people are trying to reach buried vehicles.

People still under the snow

Interior Minister S├╝leyman Soylu said that conditions in the area make it difficult to deploy rescue vehicles. He stated that a vehicle was found under 4 or 5 meters of snow. An unknown number of people would still be trapped under the snow.

Unconfirmed images on social media show that at least three people are rescued from a van lying upside down under the snow. Two of them seem unharmed, a third is injured.


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