FARC leader rejects appointment of officer in charge of escorts for former guerrillas



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BOGOTÁ (Sputnik) – Colombian Senator Julián Gallo, known as Carlos Antonio Lozada and leader of the left-wing FARC party, rejected the provisional appointment of Interior Vice Minister Daniel Palacios as director of the National Protection Unit (UNP), which provides escort services to the demobilized of the former guerrilla.

“President Iván Duque, we prefer to give up protection measures rather than leave our security in the hands of this new director of the UNP,” Lozada wrote in his Twitter account.

Lozada’s claim was accompanied by the screenshot of a trill that Palacios published in 2017 and in which he said: “It is inadmissible that FARC terrorists strut the streets of Bogotá with the excuse of doing pedagogy to peace”.
In recent days, President Duque accepted the resignation of Pablo Elías González in the direction of the UNP and appointed Palacios in the position provisionally.
Gonzalez submitted the resignation two weeks ago after alleging personal reasons, but apparently due to an error in the resolution, the resignation letter was returned, which delayed his departure.

The former official was heavily criticized for the cases of murders of social leaders and human rights representatives, as well as for the killings of former guerrillas in the process of reinstatement, which did not have security schemes by the UNP.


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