Fan who was called ‘fat troll’ by Dutch hockey player: ‘I am angry’


The Argentine Carolina was on Saturday at the Argentina hockey game against the Netherlands in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. She wanted the T-shirt from De Wijn and had made a sign for it: “Sander I want your shirt!”

“Big Troll”

Carolina shared a photo of the board on Instagram and got it to her great surprise a message from De Wijns girlfriend Renée van Laarhoven. “HAHAHA fat troll. It would have been nicer if a skinny Argentinian woman had this.”

Carolina is shocked by RTL News. “I am angry. It is not right that I get over such aggression. I have never had bad intentions.”

Van Laarhoven received many angry reactions. Her friend asked the hockey fan to remove the tweet. “It was never intended as a public message, please delete it,” he wrote to Carolina via Instagram. “This damages me and my girlfriend. I never discriminate and respect everyone who loves this sport. Thanks again and my apology.”


“I didn’t want Twitter to explode and get so big, but deleting makes no sense,” the fan responds. “It has already been shared and published by so many news sites.” The fan indicates that she has had an excuse from both Van Laarhoven and De Wijn. And the hockey player still offers his shirt. “I accept the apologies and the shirt.”

Van Laarhoven has not responded publicly to her blunder so far. She put all her social media in private. According to the KNHB and Carolina, the 22-year-old hockey player immediately offered her an excuse, but this is nowhere to be seen.

“We are in contact with Van Laarhoven and De Wijn and they are very shocked by the fuss it caused,” says the Royal Dutch Hockey Association. “The reaction is not in line with the standards and values ​​of the hockey association. She regrets her response. We think it is important that we first support them. It is still too early to say whether the KNHB will take steps.”

The FIH international hockey federation is already taking steps and calling on the independent integrity committee. They investigate Van Laarhoven’s hurtful statements.

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