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There are of those days … Ten Dutch companies with annual figures before the stock exchange: how do you, the analysts, the AEX and I tackle this? I can see how far I get.

Despite worldwide idiotic interest rates, 10% more profit for NN, which raises dividends, purchases shares and has decent ratios.

Unfortunately, Aegon disappoints. The hope is that the CEO of NN will come over this year …?

At the reborn SBM Offshore it is also a big dividend and share buy-in party:

DSM looks solid again at first sight, although due to circumstances and as expected less profit and revenue than a year earlier. DSM is also suffering from a malaise in the automotive industry.

Just Eat Takeaway reports a modest EBITDA profit!

Arcadis looks better again, but I have not been able to look at the headache files yet:

Fagron supplies point:

It’s strange that my Reuters hasn’t been giving Ordina updates for a year, but that’s my problem. From the press release: the company scores better on all points, but turnover in the Netherlands remains a difficult story.

Finally, AEX heavyweight Relx that runs like a winch in complete peace and quiet:

Last night there was already a solid Unibail. In the meantime, 1310 people have died and 14,840 new sick people are suddenly added to China, because the country has started to diagnose otherwise. It is also said that the markets are now lower on this. Covid-19 fear.

Look, the markets are coming off of new peaks. Applied Materials performed after the New York stock exchange + 1.8% on figures and outlook, she sees the chip market completely. Cisco did -4.6% on figures. Oh yeah, the dollar is rock solid and I notice that interest rates fall faster on fall day stocks than they rise if … #just

The AEX has a modest handicap today, because Royal Dutch Shell is going again $ 0.47 ex-quarterly dividend. The well-known price index then, because the reinvestment index adds it and leaves Albert Einsteins greatest force in the universe do the work: compound interest.

News, advice, shorts and agenda

The most important ANP news since the Amsterdam slot yesterday:

  • 08:01 Alfen is going to deliver energy storage to Shell
  • 07:55 Aegon makes more profit, but faces challenges
  • 07:52 Aircraft manufacturer Airbus writes deep red figures
  • 07:48 ‘Good performance’ for DSM despite fall in revenue and profit
  • 07:46 Meal delivery boy Takeaway is growing strongly
  • 07:37 SBM Offshore doubles dividend
  • 07:31 Engineering firm Arcadis delivers results
  • 07:30 Insurance giant NN closes final quarter 2019 with a profit
  • 07:27 Fagron makes almost a third more profit
  • 07:22 Virus fear puts Nikkei under pressure
  • 07:05 Delivery Hero buys more Just Eat Takeaway shares
  • 12 Feb A fifth BinckBank job on the way
  • 12 Feb Applied Materials sees a bright future for the chip sector
  • 12 Feb Doubting customers hit Cisco turnover
  • 12 Feb Wall Street sharpen records again
  • 12 Feb Klarna buys Italian startup Moneymour
  • 12 Feb Green price signs on Wall Street
  • 12 Feb Unibail is further shaking up the portfolio
  • 12 Feb Oslo Børs drives Euronext revenue

Analyst advice is:

  • ABN Amro: to € 17 from € 17.50 – Credit Suisse
  • ABN Amro: to € 16.70 from € 17 – RBC
  • ABN Amro: to € 19 from € 20 – Citigroup
  • ABN Amro: to € 17 from € 18 – Deutsche Bank
  • AkzoNobel: to € 102 from € 97 – Deutsche Bank
  • Heineken: to € 102 from € 96 – RBC
  • Heineken: to € 118 from € 108 – Jefferies
  • Heineken: to € 105 from € 98 – Citigroup
  • Heineken: to € 108 from € 102 – HSBC
  • Heineken: to € 80 from € 75 – Berenberg
  • Aperam: to € 31 from € 29 – Citigroup

The AFM reports these shorts:

The agenda is huge with many (Dutch) figures, so Shell is going ex-dividend, GDP Germany and we and US inflation:

  • 06:30 The Netherlands retail sales dec
  • 08:00 Fagron Q4 digits
  • 08:00 Acomo Q4 digits
  • 08:00 Arcadis Q4 numbers
  • 8:00 AM NN Group Q4 figures
  • 08:00 SBM Offshore Q4 figures
  • 8:00 AM DSM Q4 figures
  • 08:00 Aegon Q4 figures
  • 08:00 Ordina Q4 figures
  • 08:00 Coca Cola European Partners Q4 figures
  • 08:00 Relx Q4 digits
  • 8:00 AM KBC Q4 figures
  • 8:00 AM Airbus Q4 digits
  • 08:00 Takeaway.com Q4 figures
  • 8:00 AM Barco Q4 numbers
  • 08:00 Barclays Q4 figures
  • 08:00 Credit Suisse Q4 figures
  • 09:00 Royal Dutch Shell listing $ 0.47 ex-dividend
  • 09:30 The Netherlands GDP Q4 + 0.3% QoQ
  • 13:00 Kraft Heinz Q4 figures
  • 14:30 US inflation CPI Jan 0.2% MoM
  • 14:30 US weekly jobless claims 210K
  • 18:00 VolkerWessels Q4 figures
  • 22:00 Nvidia Q4 figures
  • 22:00 Aurora Cannabis Q4 figures

And then this

Separate? Less economy, but fewer unemployed:

Eureka, you and I had never thought of that:

Exact, also applies to our country:

Oh dear, Tesla too?

No numbers, a lot of wool:

BlackRock is more dynamic:

Indeed, wash nose:

Your political commentator:

The bouncer still:

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