Extraordinary! It became clear whether the Wuhan Bulgarians were infected with the coronavirus


A test was taken and results came out in the late hours which showed that it was negative. This was stated at an extraordinary briefing by Colonel Georgi Popov on the return of Bulgarian invaders who were blocked in Wuhan because of the coronavirus.According to him, the Bulgarians are in good condition this morning, smiling, asleep.

“They are housed in two rooms – one for the girl, the other for the boy. Both rooms are concentrated, negative pressure,” said Col. Popov.

“They are motivated to spend the entire quarantine period. In the middle of the incubation period – in about a week, we will do a second test to prevent a false negative if they are infected during the flight,” he further explained.

For his part, Chief State Health Inspector Angel Kunchev reported disturbing news regarding the virus.

“What prevents us is that we do not know what the reservoir of the disease is, although there is new data from Wuhan. The latest information from China is that it can also be transmitted by air,” the chief state health official said. Inspector Angel Kunchev.



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