Extraordinary in BLITZ! Scary tragedy in the Mladost neighborhood of Sofia


A terrible tragedy has taken place in the Mladost district of Sofia. This is what BLITZ learned from its reader.“We walked out of the entrance and were shocked by what we saw. In front was the lifeless body of one of our neighbors,” said the woman, who lives in block 433 in the area.

She explained that medics and police were called to the scene immediately. However, the doctors who arrived on the spot only noted the death of the woman.

The BLITS reader also says that the deceased is her neighbor.

“She’s about a 70-year-old woman. I don’t know if she had any problems. Or at least she didn’t share.

Neighbors said she most likely committed suicide by jumping off the terrace of her apartment, which is located on one of the high floors, “our reader also says.

The police who are at the scene of the tragedy are yet to make clear whether it is a Satanic issue of suicide, an accident or something much more frightening.


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