Explosion in Dehloran


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An hour ago a loud explosion was heard in Dehloran, Ilam province.

According to Sputnik, Iranian media reported the explosion near Motahari Street in Dehloran, Ilam province.

In a statement following the blast, police in Dehloran said: “A squad of police officers were immediately present in one of the areas of Dehloran after hearing the scream. After law enforcement officers approached one of the citizens, they stated that a metal object had been found in his yard 3 x 2 centimeters and that no problems, damage or damage had been caused to anyone.

The investigation is under investigation and will be communicated to citizens after the results are obtained.

The blast occurred near Motahari Street, Jahan News reported.

Majid Asgari, the governor of Dehloran, said in an interview with media in the province of Ilam that the cause of the explosion has not yet been determined.


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