Ex Rico responded too quickly to Yolanthe


Kickboxer Rico Verhoeven

We informed you earlier today that Rico Verhoeven and Jacky Duchenne have put an end to their relationship. After the kickboxer brought out the news, the rumor mill started to run at full speed … It was speculated that Yolanthe Cabau played a role in the breach. Fortunately Jacky himself comes with clarification!

Jacky responds to Yolanthe’s Instagram

What is going on? Yolanthe Cabau shared a video on Instagram with flowers on it, meant for her deceased father. Jacky responded with a fierce remark: “Are the flowers of Rico also there? Those of 800 euros? Lucky enough, I have never had a Valentine’s gift!” Since the reaction has since been removed, Jacky decided to clarify on her own Instagram, in which the ex of Rico said she had reacted in a hurry: she had watched the video without sound and was under the assumption that it was flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Rico: no Valentine’s gift for Yolanthe

Kick boxer / reality star Rico also made himself heard. He confirmed to De Telegraaf that it was not at all a Valentine’s gift for Yolanthe: “Jacky quickly removed her message and that ended the stocking. Annoying that it is now going to lead a life of its own. This has nothing to do with our definitive break. to make.”

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