European car sales are down Financial


This is according to figures from ACEA, the umbrella organization of European car manufacturers. The ACEA identifies three reasons for the collapse of the sale. Some EU member states such as the Netherlands have changed their tax regime as of 2020. In addition, car sales are affected by global economic conditions, such as slowing growth in China and the trade war. Uncertainty due to the Brexit also means that fewer new cars leave the showroom.

In the Netherlands, the 6.1% fall in sales in January remained below the European average. Electric cars could not be dragged on in the last months of 2019, because the cabinet doubled the addition scheme for plug-in cars from 1 January. The expectation was therefore that Dutch car sales would fall.

In France, sales fell by 13.4%, followed by Spain (-7.6%), Germany (-7.3%) and Italy (-5.9%). In Cyprus ((+ 14.2%, Greece (6.2%), Hungary (+ 4.1%) and Croatia (+ 4%)), many more cars were sold last January than the same month last year.

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