European ambassadors, held a meeting of the EU-Turkey cooperation on the Orient Express


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Head of EU Delegation to Turkey rehire organized under the Turkey transport sector cooperation to Christian Berger, and the wives of ambassadors of EU countries, joined the Eastern Express Tourist epic journey.

under the Travel, Tourism on the Orient Express “EU-Turkey Business Association on” meeting was held.

Ömer Fatih Sayan, Deputy Ministers of Transport and Infrastructure, and Selim Dursun, Ambassadors of Berger, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Latvia, Romania, Portugal, Belgium, Malta, the Netherlands, Croatia, Finland, Ireland and Greece, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure EU and Foreign Relations General Manager Erdem Direkler, TCDD Transportation General Manager Kamuran Yazıcı attended.

The last stop of the ambassadors who visited Divriği Ulu Mosque in Sivas, the Double Stop Minaret and Three Kumbets in Erzurum, was the first stop of Touristic Towards Express.

East Ekpres that became tourist symbol of Turkey and the people that expressed intense interest showed that the transfer Berger, “This is not surprising. Because sights you see along the way, snow and river are very nice. In fact, this trip we are going to do in the fall, but us’ profit “Wait for the rain,” they said. It is a really beautiful image. ”

‘I’m happy to be here, a colleague hasn’t been able to find tickets for weeks’

Given the difficulty of finding tickets on the Orient Express, he said he felt lucky to to be on this train Berger, “Thank you for organizing this event. We are very happy because we were on the train because the train has become one of Turkey’s tourist icon. Everyone that He met with a colleague yesterday, he was jealous because I was going to get on this train because he had been trying to find an Eastern Express ticket for weeks, but couldn’t find it. So thank you for inviting us. My colleague was not from the European Union, so he was jealous.

Turkey’s eastern region for the first time but not the first time the Orient Express Tourist thousand Berger noted that, “the Divrigi Sivas, Sivas Congress earlier in the year so I came 100th,” he said.

Emphasizing that he was influenced by the Great Mosque and the imam of the mosque during his visit to the Divrigi, Berger said, “I like Divrigi very much. I can’t wait to visit the Ani Ruins tomorrow.”

Stating that the train used by the emperor in Austria can be rented and organizations such as meetings, weddings and meals, Berger said that people love their trains.

‘I think this place is special’

Croatian Ambassador Hrvoje Cvitanovic said that he made a ski trip to Kars and Erzurum in 2019, saying that he liked both the ski slope and the hotels.

Ani ruins the earlier opportunity to roam Find noted that Cvitanovic, “Sudden somewhere that it is not possible to forget after seeing it once. I love all regions of Turkey but I think it is special here. I want to see Sarikamish very highly in terms of walking It is an impressive place. There are many beautiful facilities and places, “he said.

Belgian Ambassador Michel Malherbe thanked the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and TCDD Tasimacilik AS for providing the opportunity to travel with the Touristic Eastern Express and said that the meeting of the ambassadors on the train was a clever attempt.

the EU Delegation to Turkey President Christian Berger’s wife Marilena Berger, Tourist Noting that the Orient Express is spectacular, “The train is very nice, definitely worth a trip. The scenery is very beautiful, a time in everyone life this trip should be done,” he said.


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