‘Energy bill up through billions of network operators’


According to the network operators, the Dutch electricity network is currently too weak for the enormous increase in electric cars and heat pumps that are coming, reports the AD. Both are large energy consumers. That is why investments are needed.

Energy guzzlers

A Tesla already uses as much electricity as ten households. A heat pump absorbs as much energy as a number of tumble dryers put together.

Due to the major changes in the need for electricity and the associated costs, another solution is also being considered: a new way of charging for energy. People would pay more at peak times than during off-peak hours.

Up to 2030, 1.7 million public charging points for electric cars must be installed in the Netherlands. During the same period, 1.5 million homes switched from natural gas to alternative energy sources such as heat pumps. Therefore, much more power is needed in the near future. Thicker cables must be laid everywhere for this.

CEO Marc van der Linden of Stedin estimates that the three major network operators will jointly spend 25 to 30 billion euros on this over the next ten years. Rates will rise, he thinks. “Count on at least a few tens a year.”

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