Emoji Cuisine feature added to Google’s keyboard app


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With its new feature called Emoji Kitchen, Google offers Android users the opportunity to combine existing emojis.

Google has announced that it has added many new features to the Android version of the keyboard app called Gboard.

With the feature called Emoji Kitchen, users can now ‘mix’ two or more emoticons to get a brand new emoji.

For example, by combining the expression of the robot and the sad face, sad robot emoji can be obtained. It is also possible to get different results by mixing emojis that are not related to each other like cactus and monkey.

The feature, which is currently in the testing process, will be available soon. The new feature has begun to spread to Android devices participating in the beta test program. Users who want It is able to test the feature from Google’s application market.

The Twitter account, named Emoji Mashup Bot, shows the best examples of this concept.


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