Eighty houses and residential tower on Acmesa terrain in Assen


There will finally be housing on the former Acmesa site. It concerns around eighty houses, including a residential tower. The tower will be on the corner of the site and will be a maximum of 40 meters high.

The residential tower can then compete with the former office colossus, the Abel Tasman Tower, which is diagonally opposite it. It has twelve floors, of which nine have been converted into residential floors in recent years.

The housing development plan on the Acmesa site was developed by Bemog Projectontwikkeling from Zwolle and Attika Architects, in collaboration with the municipality. This is a new sketch plan. An earlier plan from 2014 with houses and lots of office space did not get off the ground due to the building crisis. The former factory site, which has been fallow for years, is diagonally opposite the station area.

Townhouses and apartments

The new sketch plan is based on around 80 homes in the area between Overcingellaan, Rolderstraat, Oranjestraat and Julianastraat, and that includes the apartments in the residential tower. These are city dwellings along the Overcingellaan and in the inner area around Prins Hendrikstraat. Apartments will be built on the Rolderstraat side. The residential tower is planned at the head of the Rolderstraat-Overcingellaan intersection. There is also room in the plan for lots of greenery, water storage and a new, green place for the current playground.

Start of construction in 2021

From 1908 there was the Acmesa milk factory, the Asser Cooperative Milking Establishment and the Steam Dairy Factory on the fallow land that had been standing for years. The factory closed in 2005 and demolition followed two years later. Arcadis owns the Acmesa site, but Bemog does the redevelopment.

On Wednesday 26 February there is a walk-in evening for local residents of the Oranjebuurt. Then the first design is presented. Depending on all kinds of procedures, the construction of the houses is expected to start in 2021.

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