Eight people dead and at least eight others disappeared in Colombia due to heavy rains


BOGOTÁ (Sputnik) – Eight people died and at least eight more remain missing in Colombia as a result of avalanches and landslides caused by heavy rains in recent hours, said the state National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD) .

On Tuesday afternoon, in the municipality of Chinchiná (Caldas, west-central), “there was a mass movement that resulted in an affectation in some important ravines (…) five people were killed, four men and one woman”, informed the director of the UNGRD, Eduardo José González.
The official, who took stock of what happened through social networks, added that “three homes were destroyed and two more damaged” by the avalanche.
Although he noted that the search operations were closed and that “the process continues with the affected families”, local media reports that two people are still missing.

Also, on Tuesday night, in the municipality of Piedecuesta (Santander, northeast), heavy rains generated an avalanche in the El Boquerón ravine, which claimed the lives of three people and left six more missing.

“On the night (Tuesday) there was a torrential avenue in the El Boquerón ravine, three people unfortunately lost their lives and six are missing,” Gonzalez said.
The chief added that “seven people were reported injured and transported to the hospital, including a minor.”
In addition, on Wednesday morning a nine-month-old baby was rescued alive from the mud and reunited with his father; However, his mother died and his two brothers – also minors – are among the disappeared, according to local press reports.

In Piedecuesta there are more than 250 people from all municipal, departmental and national relief agencies, and in the next few hours the UNGRD will provide humanitarian aid, González said.


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