Egypt warns of the “destructive roles” of moving mercenaries from Syria to Libya


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Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister for African Affairs Hamdi Sanad Loza warned against destructive external roles and undermining opportunities for stability in Libya, the neighboring countries and the Sahel region.

During his speech on the eighth session of the African High-level Committee on Libya, held in the Congolese capital Brazzaville on January 30, 2020, he warned against foreign roles in Libya and “in particular the transport of terrorists and mercenaries from Syria to Libya.”

Sanad Lusa reviewed Egypt’s contacts with the main actors to ensure the comprehensiveness of dealing with the crisis, and not reducing it to a specific path, while recalling the need to work in parallel with political, economic and security tracks alike, in addition to the meetings Cairo hosted for parliamentarians and Libyan leaders.

Sanad Loza welcomed the proposal of the Congolese President to hold an inclusive forum in 2020 to reconcile the Libyans, and called on the other hand “to scrutinize the selection of the participants in it, and that their loyalty should be the first to the Libyan state, and not to narrow or private goals and interests.”


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