Egypt … The truth of 3 blacks wandering in the port of Alexandria


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Alexandria Port Authority responded to photos circulated on social media, showing three lions roaming inside a port, which its publishers claimed was in Alexandria port.

The pictures, which circulated today, Thursday, ridiculed the employees of the media media, expressing their amazement at the arrival of the lions at the port and wandering among the containers.

A number of activists asked about the fate of the port workers, and what happened to them the moment the lions entered.

For his part, Reda El-Ghandour, a spokesman for Alexandria Port Authority, denied that the pictures circulated through social media pages about the wandering of 3 blacks inside the port square, stressing that these news are completely false. According to the newspaper “The News Portal”.

He pointed out that the pictures are not real and have no relationship to the port of Alexandria and the exotic, and no port is allowed to roam predators inside.

Al-Ghandour added that the navigation traffic in Alexandria port is proceeding normally, and it is not possible to allow predators inside the port.


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