Egypt calls for Africa to obtain a veto in the Security Council


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Egypt’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Mohamed Idris, demanded today, Friday, that the African continent obtain two permanent seats with full powers, including the veto in the Security Council.

According to the statement of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, this came with the start of rounds of negotiations on reforming and expanding the Security Council for the current session of the United Nations.

“The Egyptian ambassador expressed Egypt’s adherence to the implementation of the African position represented in the Azulwene Consensus, which includes several demands, including obtaining the African continent two permanent seats with full powers, including the veto in the expanded Security Council, in light of what was agreed upon during The last African summit in Addis Ababa under the Egyptian presidency.

The statement stated that “Ambassador Idris has indicated that the negotiations for reform and expansion of the Security Council this year coincide with the passage of 75 years since the establishment of the United Nations.”

“Idris called for the necessity of solidarity and unity of the member states of the United Nations around the principles of reform and justice and confronting the current imbalance in the Security Council, so that the African continent has its due role in the international decision-making mechanism.”


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