Ecuador activates coronavirus assistance protocols in Italy


Sputnik World

QUITO (Sputnik) – Ecuador reported that it activated the protocols for assistance against coronavirus for Ecuadorian citizens residing in Italy.

“After several cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Italy, the Embassy of Ecuador, through the Consulates in Rome, Milan and Genoa, activated the necessary protocols for assistance and protection of the nationals residing in that territory,” said the Foreign Ministry it’s a statement.

The Italian government activated official information sites in its territory to prevent the spread and spread of the coronavirus.
The Ecuadorian authorities additionally activated an emergency number to meet the needs of the Ecuadorian community in that country, especially in the affected and high-risk areas.
The Foreign Ministry said that so far two Ecuadorian families were reported that are in isolation by order of the Italian authority, but “fortunately they are healthy and out of danger.”

In Ecuador, meanwhile, the authorities announced Wednesday that before the appearance of the first case of coronavirus in Brazil, they will allocate an exclusive hospital to deal with possible cases of the virus and that will reinforce controls and preventive security measures.

Internationally, COVID-19 has already reached more than 81,200 people and caused more than 2,700 deaths, mostly in mainland China.


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