Dutch Ambassador advocates law that punishes war criminals in El Salvador


SAN SALVADOR (Sputnik) – The Netherlands ambassador to Central America, Peter-Derrek Hof, advocated in his social networks for a law that punishes war criminals in El Salvador, based on international standards.

“The El Salvador reconciliation law must include fair and proportional punishment against war criminals; it must meet the basic international parameters,” said Hof, ambassador of the Netherlands in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras , in your Twitter account.

The pronouncement of the Dutch diplomat coincided with the possible approval in El Salvador of a draft National Reconciliation Law that was criticized by political actors and civil society for their tacit protection from impunity.
Hof confirmed to Sputnik in a recent interview the importance that the Netherlands attaches to the fight to prevent those responsible for crimes against humanity during the armed conflict (1980-1992) from obtaining impunity.
“That is a national debate that corresponds to the Salvadorans and of which the Netherlands is not a part; we are interested that the crimes do not remain in impunity; we know that they happened a long time ago, but the victims have the right to the truth “emphasized the diplomat.

The Netherlands supports an investigation to clarify the murder of Dutch journalist Koos Koster and three compatriots of his team, perpetrated by the Army on March 12, 1982, in an ambush in Santa Rita, Chalatenango (north).
The case was reopened after the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice revoked the Amnesty Act of 1993, and ordered the enactment of a new national reconciliation regulation that met standards of justice, truth, reparation for victims and guarantees of non-repetition
Several investigations indicate that the civil war in El Salvador left some 75,000 dead and missing, and serious human rights violations perpetrated by both the so-called Death Squads, as by the Army and the guerrilla of the Farabundo Marti Front for National Liberation.


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