Dubai Airport, the busiest in the world for the sixth consecutive year


DOHA (Sputnik) – Dubai International Airport retained first place for the sixth consecutive year as the air port with the most intense passenger traffic in the world, said the executive director of Dubai airports, Paul Griffiths, when taking stock of 2019 .

“In 2019, 86.4 million passengers used the services of the Dubai airport, six million more than in the case of its closest competitor, London’s Heathrow Airport,” he said quoted in the Twitter account of the Airports Directorate .

According to his data, Dubai airport received almost 22 million passengers in the fourth quarter of 2019 and an average of 7.8 million passengers used the air port each month.

The most popular destinations for flights from Dubai during 2019 were India, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

However, Griffiths said, “the number of passengers was lower than in 2018 because of the 45-day closure of one of the runways, the bankruptcy of [la aerolĂ­nea] Jet Airways and the refusal to use the Boeing 737 Max. “


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