DS 9 is the new French premium sedan


The model range of DS consists of the 3 Crossback and the 7 Crossback purely high-heeled, but that comes with the arrival of the DS 9 change. The new Frenchman is not a crossover and not even a big hatchback like predecessor DS 5, but a sedan!

It should come as no surprise that the DS 9 shares a large part of its technical basis and the main features of its coach with the Peugeot 508, yet the appearance of the DS 9 shows great differences with its group mate. That goes beyond adjustments to the front and back, although those sides of this new DS are also interesting. The DS 9 has a front with distinctive DS viewers and the grille that is placed between them is with its shape and chrome finish typical of Groups PSA’s car brand with the most glimmers. Just as with the 3 Crossback and the Peugeot 508, the front is decorated with vertical LED strips. Another striking feature is the aluminum decorative strip that runs the length of the hood along the length of the DS logo placed on the muzzle. At the rear we see a lighting unit with the typical DS light signature, specimens that get a spot above aluminum decorative strips that not only run far around the corner, but also cover the entire width of the rear. Something special is going on with that tailgate. Unlike the 508, the DS 9 is not a liftback, but a sedan, which means that the rear window and the boot lid are therefore separated from each other. At the top of the rear window we see extra lighting units on either side of DS’s newcomer, clearly a nod to the cone-shaped elements that the primal DS had at that location.

More than a Peugeot 508

Seen from the side, the DS 9 is an interesting appearance. Although the silhouette of the 508 with which the car shares its EMP2 base is clearly visible, it is striking that the car looks longer than its family member. That is also the case. Where the 508 extends over a distance of 4.75 meters, the DS 9 with its length of 4.93 meters is no less than 18 centimeters longer. The wheelbase of the DS 9 is also larger than that of 508. The distance between the front and rear axles of the DS 9 is 10 centimeters larger than that of the Peugeot 508 and is 2.90 meters. Although you might suspect that the DS 9 is based on the Chinese extended Peugeot 508, the 508L, that is not the case. The Chinese 508L, just like the DS 9 also a car with sedan butt, is with its length of 4.86 meters 5 centimeters shorter than the DS 9 and also the wheelbase of this new DS does not match that of the 508L (2 , 85 meters). What the DS 9 and the 508L do have in common again, is the fact that the doors are not window-like as with the regular 508. The DS 9 also distinguishes itself with its handles from the 508, with the DS 9 they are in the carriage sunk.


For the time being, DS only shows photos of a DS 9 with ‘E-Tense’ badges, and that is not for nothing. The brand carries its electrified versions under the E-Tense label and the new French sedan has a lot to offer in terms of plugs. Thus, the DS 9 initially only available with the plug-in hybrid powertrain that we know from, among others, the 508 and 3008. This plug-in hybrid with a system power of 225 hp has a 180 hp 1.6 PureTech petrol engine that is coupled to a 110 hp electric motor. The battery pack has a capacity of 11.9 kWh, which means that the DS 9 must be able to travel 40 to 50 kilometers electrically. The top speed in electro-mode is 135 km / h. The transmission is an automatic with eight gears.

Plug fans can indulge in the DS 9, because it does not stop at that one plug-in hybrid powertrain. DS speaks about the arrival of a front-wheel-driven plug-in version with 250 hp and a larger range than the aforementioned powertrain. In addition, the engine range will be expanded over time with a four-wheel-driven plug-in flavor with a system power of 360 hp. Those who do not want a plug-in can opt for a 225 hp regular 1.6 PureTech petrol version that is also equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission. For a diesel engine you don’t have to go to DS for a 9.


No new hefty French sedan without a passage about indulgence of the occupants. DS gives the 9 namely a completely upholstered dashboard, beautiful-looking seats, an Alcantara headlining and leather-covered door handles and sun visors and crystal-shaped touch buttons. The rear seat is electrically heated and can be cooled and has a massage function. The rear passengers benefit from a center armrest where not only USB connection points, but also the controls for the massage seats and the welcome lighting can be found. Under the heading ‘DS Inspiration’, vDS offers a range of personalization options and interior themes, themes that are named after neighborhoods in Paris. The absolute top version is the DS Inspiration OpĂ©ra. DS also talks about the availability of a Focal Electra audio system with fourteen speakers.


Just like the DS 7 Crossback, the 9 has DS Active Scan Suspension, a system in which a camera registers changes in the road surface in cooperation with sensors at the wheels. The car can then anticipate this by narrowly changing the steering angle, performing brake interventions or adjusting the suspension or damping, which would improve comfort. With DS Drive Assist, the 9 can start on the highway semi-autonomously. The car stays neatly in the middle of the lane on the highway and can be stopped completely with its adaptive cruise control. Great for traffic jams. The system can be switched on from 30 km / h and is then active between 0 and 180 km / h. With DS Park Pilot, the DS 9 is able to park itself, whether this is parallel to the road or across. More tech comes in the form of DS Night Vision (night camera), a fatigue assistant, active LED viewers (Active Led Vision) and DS Smart Acces, a system that allows you, among other things, to use your smartphone to lock and unlock the car.

The DS 9 is built in China, but will just go on sale in Europe. Prices and an exact introduction moment are not yet known. The 9 is not the only news from DS in Geneva. The brand also brings a brand new study model, a car that may look ahead to a completely new DS 4 (Crossback).

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