Drugs found in baby foods in Germany


The drug is for over one million euros

Customs dogs at a Frankfurt airport found several kilos of drugs hidden in baby foods, the FAC reported. The value of the drug is EUR 1 million.

Couriers arriving in South America on January 24 and 26 were detained. According to the Customs, one carried 12 kg of cocaine and the other 15 kg.

12 years in prison for the German poisoned baby puree

In both cases, the drug was found in the suitcases of the two men, hidden in 15 jars of baby food.

Drug traffickers were arraigned the same day and cocaine seized.

Can poisoned baby purees from Germany reach us?

Customs dogs Black and Fedor have shown the suspect luggage.

According to customs officials, the value of the open market drug on the black market amounts to EUR 1 million. Such quantities are usually hidden in large loads.

“Good teamwork between humans, animals and technology has won in this case as well,” said a spokeswoman for the airport authorities.


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