Drone survives crocodile attack in Australia – video



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A man was trying to film beautiful panoramic images using a drone off the coast of the island of Groote Eylandt in Australia when he suddenly saw a crocodile in the water. He approached the reptile’s device, but the reptile did not like it and decided to attack it.

A gigantic crocodile attacked the drone of a man who wanted to film beautiful panoramic images with his camera near the island of Groote Eylandt, in Australia. The events occurred on February 9.

An unexpected reaction

A video published on the Internet shows that the drone passes over the stationary predator which suddenly jumps to intercept the craft in the air but the owner of the aircraft reacts in time.

By passing his drone over the head of the reptile, the man did not expect such an reaction from the animal. However, he managed to control his aircraft and get it back to the boat.

“I spotted the saltwater crocodile about 70 meters from the boat and it was heading straight for us,” the man told the Daily Mail. “I lifted the drone as quickly as possible to take a closer look and this attack happened.”

“We kept filming and taking pictures until the drone’s battery was almost dead, then I tried to land the drone in the boat and it went crazy, so I had to do it crashing inside the boat otherwise we would have lost the drone and, more importantly, the images, “concluded the man.


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