Driving license is the story that Mammootty refused five years ago; Sachi says ..


Directed by Jean-Paul Lal, Suraj Venjaramoodin and Prithviraj are the central characters and this is one of the hit movies of the year. The film was produced by Prithviraj. ‘Licensing’ was the story of Mammootty’s story. Sachi, who wrote the script, said the incident was true.

Mammootty had to do the role of Prithviraj’s superstar Harindran. But Sachi says that the story was told five years ago by Mammootty. Sachi says he really liked the story and hit me. Who would believe that when someone like Mammoka is walking for a driving license, he will understand the character better than me and that is the decision.

Long before the driving license was written. Sachi said Ayyappan and Koshy were after that. Prithviraj and Biju Menon played the lead roles in Ayyappan and Koshy. Tendulkar also plays the director of the movie. The movie continues to show in theaters with great commentary.

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