Drenthe is looking for a solution for investment in the Groningen Airport Eelde fire station


The province of Drenthe does not want to drop Groningen Airport Eelde and is looking for a solution to still be able to invest in the airport’s fire station.

It was announced on Wednesday that the province of Groningen does not want to invest extra money in the renovation of the fire station.

The fire station at Groningen Airport Eelde does not meet the health and safety standards and is not in order from an environmental point of view. The only reason that the barracks can still be used is that there is a view of a new building. But the plan to set aside 3 million euros for this is in doubt, as the province of Groningen does not want to invest.

How Drenthe wants to invest in the fire station is not yet clear. It is clear, however, that if it is really necessary due to safety and regulations, money will come for a fire station from Drenthe. Even though more is needed, RTV Drenthe reports.

The door is ajar in Drenthe

We look at money that is now reserved for the renovation of the terminal. As long as there is no growth in the number of passengers at Groningen Airport Eelde, no investment in the passenger terminal is required either. And so part of the reserved money could go to the fire station.

The politics in the councils and states is divided between investments in the Northern airport. Some think that Eelde can close. Another part thinks that Eelde can cost money.

Future scenario

In addition, political parties are looking forward to eight future scenarios prepared by interim director Bart Schmeink of Groningen Airport Eelde. Scenarios in which the airport is always viewed in a different way. It must, Schmeink says, become a broad training airport where charters ensure that income comes in.

They’ll be ready in two months. And then the discussion about the future of Groningen Airport Eelde, and therefore also about the new fire station, will start again.

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