Dragon Ball turns 34 since its first broadcast



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February 26, 1986 was the first time this well-known anime aired its first chapter on the small screen. After 34 years of transmission, Dragon Ball has thousands of followers around the world.

The first episode of Dragon Ball He came to the audience by the Japanese channel Fuji TV. Since then, the adventures of Goku, the main character of the anime, did not leave indifferent his followers who were pending each episode.

The goku story, a boy who lives without his parents and throws himself to look for the spheres of the dragon has managed to be the inspiration of several films and video games in these 34 years.

The little warrior who bravely confronts the villains has given his followers moments of great emotion throughout the series that emerged as Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super where new characters appear like the Saiyans.

Undoubtedly, Dragon Ball has become the anime that many followed from childhood chapter to chapter to see the adventures of Goku. That’s why 34 years after the premiere of his first series, his followers remember anime With love in social networks.


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