Dozens of skeletons discovered with their hands tied up in England


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During the construction of a new housing development in the city of Milton Keynes in south-east Britain, more than 40 graves with mysterious skeletons have been found, their hands tied. This is reported by the local newspaper “MK Citizen”.

The remains were therefore discovered in December. According to district councilor Robin Stuchbury, tied hands may indicate that the skeletons belonged to executed prisoners.

“They could be from Anglo-Saxon times, when there were murders in Buckingham, or from the time of the civil war, in which there had also been victims. Or it could be criminals hanging on the gallows in the city, ”said Stuchbury.

The find was of great historical importance for the county, it said.

In the meantime, all skeletons have been removed from the graves and are now to be examined by archaeologists.

The Anglo-Saxon period is the period in British history from around 450 to 1066. The English Civil War took place from 1642 to 1649.

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