Donkey gives up his sex … turns into a dog (video)


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The presence of a small donkey among three dogs, from the German Shepherd family, and his constant contact with them, caused him to acquire dog behaviors and skills.

And social media sites in America published the story of the little donkey, “Tim”, who was abandoned by his mother upon his birth, to raise a family in Ottman, Arizona.

The little donkey adjusted to life inside the home, felt safe and had good health after he had previously contracted the disease.

According to the website “Zohma”, It helped Dogs teach donkey and give it “home manners”

Because of his contact with dogs, the donkey acquired multiple skills and emotions similar to the emotions of dogs. For example, he would wag his tail when he was happy, and he would lie down and sleep like dogs.

The donkey greets his owner when he returns home, as soon as he enters the door and jumps on him with great enthusiasm similar to his dog friends.


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