Donald Trump: Trump Backs The Senate US cuts war powers over Iran – Keralite High Court


WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump on Tuesday resigned from the Senate after his impeachment. The Senate passed a resolution calling for Trump’s war powers to be cut against Iran. The resolution was passed by 55 votes against 45.

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Eight Republican members of the Senate voted in favor of the resolution. Republican supporters of the resolution include Todd Young, Mike Lee, Lisa Markowski, Susan Collins, Rand Paul, Bill Cassidy and Jerry Moran.

The resolution seeks to prevent an illegal war against Iran. The resolution also prohibits the deployment of troops for war. Earlier, the House of Representatives had passed a resolution aimed at curtailing the president’s war powers.

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Iran-US ties have worsened following the killing of Iranian commander Qasim Sulaimani in a US attack in January. Iran has repeatedly called for retaliation. Trump has made provocative statements that Iran will face a severe blow if retaliated. Republicans, including Republican Party members, have opposed Trump’s position.

The Pentagon said the US military’s assassination of Qasim Suleiman was made on a special directive by the president. But Trump did not seek the approval of the US Congress. With the passage of the new resolution, Trump cannot order military action without Congress approval.

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Senator Tim Cain said the resolution is not against Trump or the US presidency. Trump said the resolution was to ensure that the US Congress had full authority to declare war.

The declaration of war may require the approval of Congress, but the president can order retaliation for sudden attacks.

Meanwhile, Trump can veto the resolution in the House. Trump’s veto can only be overturned by a two-thirds vote in the House and Senate.

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