Donald Trump India: Trump Comes To Target US Election: Congress – Kannur Women Saranya Kills Baby To Be With Her Lover


MUMBAI: Congress President Donald Trump has accused India of looking ahead to the US presidential election. Maharashtra minister and Congress leader Nawab Malik made the statement that the aim of Trump’s visit to India is political.

Nawab Malik told news agency ANI that Trump is coming to India to campaign for the upcoming US presidential election. They are using the Indian government for US elections. Nawab Malik said that Trump has said that India will sign a trade agreement with India after the elections and that Trump is greedy for India. But the people of India will understand this agenda, ”he added.
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Trump’s visit to India from February 23-26. Official confirmation that wife Melania Trump will be accompanying Trump to New Delhi for bilateral talks Trump is also visiting Agra and Ahmedabad in addition to Delhi. Trump will address a massive rally in Ahmedabad called Kem Cho Trump. There have been accusations that the program was politically motivated. Much of the preparations being made by the Center and state governments for the advance of Trump are already controversial.

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Party General Secretary Sitaram Yechury has said that CPM activists will protest wherever Trump goes to India. The CPM has accused Trump of coming to foster the US economy at India’s expense.

kannur women saranya kills baby to be with her lover

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