Domestic car statement from Minister Varank: At least 10 countries contacted


Domestic automakers citizens is a project owned by the end of 2022 the market noted that interest in Turkey’s automotive Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, “Currently about at least 10 countries from reselling their contact with me. There is a really big favor. ”

Chatting with journalists at the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank evaluated the impact of the coronavirus emerging in China on the questions. “This virus is very saddening for the troubles experienced by the people,” said Varank.

“China is a very important player in terms of production in the world. Most of the world production is actually carried out in China. The evaluation of international institutions, not our evaluation, is affected by the Chinese economy, and the world economy will be negatively affected in parallel with this virus. But when we look at Turkey, especially in terms of being an alternative production base of China may see a further positive effect of the negative effects of this virus in Turkey, we think.

‘They started to communicate with manufacturers in Turkey’

I am the last few weeks I began our exporting firms to negotiate and they have left us an alternative in China as they say companies abroad as suppliers begin a more intensive way to communicate with producers in Turkey. Of course, we do not want nations to experience such troubles. But there is also an economy that continues in the world. If you installed a burden on us a task falls over if one here is able to handle it in Turkey. I hope we will overcome these processes nicely. ”

Minister Varank, on the question regarding the sectors communicated within this framework, said, “For example, I was with textile producers yesterday. Textile manufacturers talked about the fact that they are being contacted right now to wrap orders. In every field … As you know, Turkey is a country which can produce almost every sector. In this respect, we are in a position to be an alternative to other countries as well as to increase our capacity. ”

‘There are people who want dealerships from many countries for domestic cars’

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, recalling cars on indigenous questions about what they’re promoting in December, “Turkey’s car, a project owned by our citizens,” he said. “I hope we will have seen the end of 2022. Turkey’s automotive market,” said Varank, said he wanted to wait a little company of the pre-order process has not yet started. Varank continued his words as follows:

“But there are tens of thousands of requests to us. Those who want to buy the car, those who want to work in the car, those who want to contribute to the car, those who want to produce one side, those who want to become a dealer. So right now they contacted me about dealership from at least 10 countries, not even counting those contacting the company. There is a really big favor. Of course, we should not make our citizens face. In this sense, we continue our efforts to meet this favor in the best way. ”

Minister Varank said, “Which countries want dealership?”, “There are Gulf countries, Central Asian countries, Germany. In other words, there are people who want to deal with this vehicle from Germany ”. Varank, “wants from Germany, is German firms?” On the question, “the NGOs that contact with there, for example, does not want German firms Turkey of, representatives of NGOs founded by the business environment such as ready to sign immediately dealership agreement at the moment and they say that They say, “We already have 4 million citizens here, they are very excited, they want to see in Germany by the way, but our German friends come to us and say, or you ask us if you made a car, it is sold here.” Therefore, I hope we will maintain this weather. ”


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