“Do you still love me?” Kills a woman at the hands of her husband



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A British police investigator killed his wife, suffocated, in the city of Aberdeen, after I asked him if he still loved her as before.

According to the British newspaper, “Mirror”, the husband, Farco Harson, on the day of the crime, strangled his wife to death, after I asked him if he still loved her.

Initially, the perpetrator claimed in front of the police that his wife Alice, who works as an auxiliary school in a primary school, hit her head in the bedroom while taking a shower, but the results of the examination of the corpse then showed bruises and marks on the wife’s neck, which was fighting for her life .
The jury in the Supreme Court revealed the husband’s lies, and charged him with premeditated murder, before he admitted that he had to do so and the lie so that his family would not be exposed. Varco Harson will face a life sentence.

The newspaper added Farco Harson has a track record of sexual scandals, which prompted him to resign from his job, yet the wife remained next to him and supported him even after he left the service.

Then the man worked as a taxi driver using his Mercedes car, so the wife discovered at the time that her husband was in a relationship with another woman, but he ended this relationship, and during the trial a text message appeared that the wife sent to her husband in 2016 saying: “I love you … and I just want you to love me too.” In 2018, Alice discovered Keith’s relationship with two women and saw herself sexually explicit messages exchanged between them.


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