Dinosaur remains? He finds a bone of almost 1.50m while walking in Great Britain – photo



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https://fr.sputniknews.com/insolite/202002251043123401-des-restes-de-dinosaures-il-trouve-un-os-de-pres-d1m50-en-se-promenant-en-grande-bretagne— Photo/

A Briton and his father were surprised to find two mysterious bones in Essex. However, an archaeologist assumed it was a whale and a mammoth, respectively.

A 23-year-old boy discovered a huge bone by the sea, about 142 centimeters in size. The events occurred on February 14 at Mersea Island, Essex, Unilad reported.

After loading it onto his shoulder, he brought his discovery home, believing it to be a dinosaur bone. A few hours later, his father also found a bone in the same place, but of smaller size. This story interested a local archaeologist, who went there to try to determine their origin.

The whalers involved?

So, he said, it could be a whale bone that fell from a Victorian whaling ship.

“I guess it’s the rostrum (top) of a right whale – it’s a big animal. As far as age goes, it could go back to the Victorian era of the whaling industry … so it could be the part [d’un animal, ndlr] who fell from the edge of one of the old whalers. But it could be older, “he told the site.

According to him, the smaller bone could belong to a mammoth. The finds were taken to the local Natural History Museum for further study.


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