Dermendzhiev: Match with Belarus is a dress rehearsal for some – BG Football – National Team


National breeder Georgi Dermendzhiev and BFU vice president Emil Kostadinov spoke to the media a week before the friendly meeting with Belarus.

The check-in is on February 26 at the Vasil Levski National Stadium and starts at 5:00 PM.

“There is a certain circle of players being observed. Toshko Nedelev is already playing, Bozhikov and Despodov have also suffered injuries. We will focus on those who are healthy and in good shape,” Dermendzhiev admitted.

“I want to see football. I don’t want to analyze the teams, you see what the game is like. The control meeting is a general rehearsal for some guys who will become established, so this is not decisive as a match.”

The specialist comments whether he intends to call Nikolai Bodurov, who recently made his debut for his new team – Iranian Estegal.

“I watched Bodurov’s matches. It’s good for him to have a team. Yes, he’s out of the ordinary, but his form is starting to improve. It’s good that he plays football again. If I feel he is needed as a form, he has enough routine. to be in the national team, “Dermendzhiev said.

“We want everyone to look in one direction. There are special letters sent to the teams that are from the football union. These are not ordinary invitations. Everything is described, it’s about the owner, the executive director, the sports director, the coaches – everyone is notified.”

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