Derailment of train carrying oil causes huge fire in Canada – images


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A train carrying oil to Canada derailed before catching fire following an explosion, forcing the evacuation of a nearby village, local media reports.

Following the derailment of a train carrying oil to Canada that caused a major fire, residents of a village near Guernsey, in the province of Saskatchewan, have been evacuated, local media said.

The accident occurred shortly after 6:15 a.m. local time in the south of the country. According to witnesses, 25 to 30 cars derailed, and then an explosion occurred which caused a major fire.

According to estimates by the village prefect, around 85 people have been evacuated.

The Transportation Safety Board has confirmed that a train headed east of the country carrying oil has derailed about two and a half kilometers east of the village of Guernsey.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police immediately ordered the closure of Highway 16 in both directions. Firefighters and emergency services intervened in emergency on the scene. No casualties have been reported yet. Canadian Railway (CP) officials confirmed the accident, quoted in the local press.


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