“Dembl injury much more serious than in 2017”


Ousmane Dembélé must take ample time to fully recover from his hamstring injury. The Barcelona attacker was operated on Tuesday in Finland by Lasse Lempeinen, the surgeon who also operated on his hamstring in 2017. The specialist emphasizes that he will certainly need six months to recover. The injury to his hamstring is, according to Lempeinen, more serious than three years ago.

Lempeinen is a specialist in hamstring injuries and has already performed interventions with other players from Barcelona, ​​AS Roma, AC Milan and Zenit St. Petersburg in the past.
“The operation went well, everything went according to plan. As we had already established at the MRI, the damage was at the top of the tendon. I am very satisfied with the result of the operation. The damage was more serious than in 2017.”
The surgeon expects Dembélé to be able to return to his old level, but also indicates that he must take all the time to recover. The European Championship is therefore not for the French international.
“His best years are still ahead of him”, says Lempeinen. “I am convinced that he can play at top level again, but then he has to recover very carefully. I expect that he will need about six months.”
The Finnish specialist hopes that Dembélé can leave his hamstring injury behind forever. “With hamstring injuries there is always a high risk that the injury will return.”
“But I am also sure that with the medical team around Dembélé we will do everything to prevent another injury. I will continue to follow his recovery closely.”

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