Dejan Joveljic and Marko Pjaca were training at Anderlecht – Voetbalnieuws


On Sunday, Frank Vercauteren could not say how long he will be able to call on Marko Pjaca and Dejan Joveljic on Friday. The two new players joined the group and already made a fresh impression.

Pjaca and Joveljic completed the training without any problems and could participate in all exercises. Although it was quiet today and the intensity will only be increased from tomorrow. Vercauteren could see that both players kept themselves in shape, because they looked fit.

The two lack match rhythm. Vercauteren would still like to play a practice match to get them in the legs for a few minutes, but due to the injury wave it is difficult to get a full team of reserve players on the feet.

On Friday both will most likely be on the couch. So it will depend on the circumstances of the competition whether they will get many or few minutes.


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