Dead (17) after violent protests against peace plan Trump | Abroad


According to the Israeli army, the dead fell when soldiers were attacked in Hebron by a violent rioter with a fire bomb. Eyewitnesses reported that a few dozen demonstrators were throwing stones at the soldiers. When the soldiers shot, the teenager was hit in the chest. He died not much later, reports The Jerusalem Post.

It has been restless for days in the always heavily secured Hebron, a holy city for both Jews and Muslims, where, among others, patriarch Abraham is buried. A small Jewish community of less than a thousand people is located in the center of the city, surrounded by a large Arab majority. “Dozens of Palestinians are hurling stones, setting fire to tires and throwing gas bombs at the IDF and security forces,” the Israeli army reports on the violence of recent days. Along the border with Gaza, security has been increased by using snipers. They must stop Palestinians who want to send fire balloons across the border.

Palestinian youth collide with Israeli forces in the holy city of Hebron.

Palestinian youth collide with Israeli forces in the holy city of Hebron.


The perished teenager in Hebron is the first demonstrator to die since Trump presented his peace plan for the Palestinians and Israel. Among other things, Jerusalem is the ‘undivided’ capital of Israel and the settlements, beyond the borders of ’67, become official Israeli territory. In exchange, the Palestinians get different tracts of land, their own state and more autonomy. But the Palestinians are strongly against the plan. They already referred it to the trash before Trump announced. President Mahmoud Abbas has canceled all relations with Israel and the US and refuses any conversation.


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