Date given for peace agreement between US and Taliban


In Afghanistan, the Taliban announced that peace talks with the US have been completed and an agreement is expected at the end of February.

Taliban“The Taliban (between the Taliban and the USA) Agreement, the United Nations, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the European Union and Afghanistan,” the leader of the negotiating team, Mevlevi Abdul Salam Hanefi, said on the website ‘’. will be signed in the presence of representatives from neighboring countries, “he said.

Stating that before the agreement is signed, violence will be reduced in order to create an atmosphere suitable for the signing ceremony, “After the signing of the agreement, the US and Afghan government will release 5,000 Taliban members, and we will release the 1000 people we have.”

Stating that the talks between the parties in Afghanistan will begin after the completion of the process regarding prisoners, Hanefi did not share details about the proposed agreement and the time agreed to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan.

The US media reported that an agreement was reached on a 7-day ceasefire that will begin on February 22, according to reports published on February 14, based on a senior Foreign Ministry official.


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