DAS system Mercedes demands attention, but Red Bull also has new assets


During the first test week in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčthere was only one thing: the innovative DAS system from Mercedes. With this, the Germans demanded all the attention and the adaptations of Red Bull Racing remained underexposed. The Austrians also try something new.

Many people are not talking about the innovative DAS system from Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas can pull their handlebars to change the position of the wheelbase. This would allow them, among other things, to better control the wear of the tires. The new system became a much-discussed topic during the first test week in Barcelona and as a result, all attention was focused on Mercedes. The new arsenal of weapons from Red Bull Racing, among others, therefore remained somewhat underexposed and the Austrians can thus continue to work on their new asset: the suspension system.

Red Bull Racing has made major changes to both the front and rear suspension this winter, something that experts and journalists have not noticed for some time. The RB15 used a multilink upper wishbone, but it was not visible when the car was unveiled in 2020. Many people therefore assumed that Red Bull had thrown the concept in the trash. Nothing turns out to be less true now, because the team from Milton Keynes has indeed retained it, but has applied it and developed it further.

Mercedes is therefore not the only team trying out new things. In fact: Red Bull has focused its innovation on finding the Germans. In conversation with Motorsport.com team principal Christian Horner acknowledges that they are trying something new to gain speed in the slow turns. “The Mercedes were strong at low speed last year, so that is one of the areas that we had to improve. I think we have succeeded, but this is of course only the beginning of the process. The car will only get started from this point further developed “, says Horner.

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