Darko Tasevski: I helped Levski, too, if the club won the Bulgarian Cup


Former Levski football player and current Slavia player – Darko Tasevski has announced that he has helped financially to the “Blue”. Recall that the playmaker is recovering from a torn knee joint and will be out of play by summer. However, the technician is fully convinced that serious trauma does not mean the end of his professional career. According to Darko, it will be very difficult for Levski to fight for the title of Bulgaria.

“I’m surprised by the speedy recovery so far. I quickly dropped the crutches and hope to be ready to play in the summer. When you think about it, some will say I’m done with football. But I don’t think this is the way to end my career and play for at least another year or two. I do not intend to give up. I’ll be back to play some more football.

A special donation number was opened in Levski

A special donation number was opened in Levski

“Everything is in our forces together!”

In Slavia, young people are given a chance to make a difference, unlike the grands in Bulgariawhere fast results are chased. Here in Levski Stanislav Ivanov is a great young boy. He showed good games and has qualities in him.

It is a pity what is happening in Levski. Things went wrong this year. There is a balance in the team. But here is what happened. At such times, it is difficult for foreigners to play the way they can. Even before the problems, there was no great chance for Levski to beat Ludogorets, but now it is impossible.

Unfortunately, at this moment I do not see how it will get out of this situation that the club has been in for the last ten years. You need a new owner and everything must start over. As points and as a place it is not bad. As a game I’m not happy with what I see from the team. No exit is visible at this stage. In Ludogorets the organization is flawless. Perhaps a trophy will give a fresh start.

Nasko Sirakov also helped Levski financially

Nasko Sirakov also helped Levski financially

However, the legend did not intend to officially announce the amount it donates

The fans’ love is a victory and a success for Levski as a club. But not only fans can withstand the club. When I found out about the million and a half budget, two. That’s a lot of money. First is the survival and stabilization of the club. But there is no way for fans to come to the stadium if the team loses. I helped the club too, but I don’t want to advertise it. It is a little unnecessary for me to make it public that you have given money to save the club.

I am currently a Slavia football player and on Sunday I hope we win. On Sunday I want a victory for Slavia and Levski to take the Cup. It is a pity that I will not be able to play because full stands are expected. I’ll still be at the stadium. ” I do not write off the option to finish my career in Levski, but I do not expect it to happen. While I was in Thailand, there was contact with me, but I didn’t get the chance to return to Guerra. That’s when they decided they didn’t need me, “he told Channel 3.

Martin Rainov comes out with a special mask against Slavia

Martin Rainov comes out with a special mask against Slavia

He is expected to play the role of central defender

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