Cristiano Ronaldo: Cristiano is not a surprise Messi, Juventus goalkeeper natural! – indian super league 2020 season for fsdl presents league winners shield


Messi was shocked when Cristiano Ronaldo asked Messi about his scoring consistency at Juventus. Because Messi Ruppi will surprise fans of both! No wonder Cristiano is scoring goals. Who knows what his striking quality is. “Cristiano is a striker who has the ability to score every day and he enjoys it,” he said. Cristiano is as talented as a striker.

He is capable of making even half-time goals. Messi said he was not surprised the Portuguese player was in the top flight of the season. Cristiano holds the record for scoring eleven consecutive matches in the Serie A League. Thirty-five years old, Cristiano has scored 24 goals in the season.
The big talk was that Messi was unable to score in four consecutive matches in Barcelona. Messi has scored 14 goals in nineteen Laliga matches this season. The Barcelona legend’s scoring ability has been downgraded since he reached the age of 32. Messi is opening the way for the goal, playing in the middle. Messi has assisted for six goals in the last three games.

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The question was raised when Cristiano, who has been competing with Messi for a decade fighting for the title of world footballer, has demonstrated his scoring power in the Italian League. Messi gave a clear indication that this was not bothering him. Moreover, Messi underlines that he has no professional jealousy against his main rival, Cristiano. That’s why Messi praised Cristiano’s striker.

Messi noted that both Real and Barcelona are not consistent in the Spanish La Liga. Messi said he was not under the pressure of the Ecclesico match. La Liga does not end with a Real-Barā´¸a match. “The rest of the competition is very important,” Messi said. Messi has expressed disappointment with Manchester City’s European ban. The best players have to stay away from big matches like the Champions League for two seasons. “It is unfortunate that this is not their own fault,” Messi said.

indian super league 2020 season for fsdl presents league winners shield

The ISL is no longer just one, but two crowns


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