Criminal complaint against the person who killed the dog by throwing stones


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In the Bafra district of Samsun, the mother dog with 7 puppies injured by throwing stones could not be saved despite all the interventions, while a criminal complaint was filed against the person who threw stones.

The incident took place 2 days before Samsun on Sunday evening Bafra district Altınyaprak Mahallesi Şehit Ayhan Çimen occurred on the 3rd Street.

Allegedly O.Z. suspect named ‘Şirin’ with 7 cubs injured the dog by throwing stones. Life Confederation of Animals Resting in the Same Street (HAYKOMFED) Emine Aydar, Bafra Representative, intervened and took the injured dog to the vet.

The dog, who has been treated for 2 days, lost his life despite all the interventions. Aydar complained about O.Z. for allegedly killing the dog by throwing stones.

The investigation into the incident continues.


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