Crime rates rise in China due to Kovid-19: 50 packets of toilet paper are usurped in Hong Kong


Due to the Kovid-19 virus in China, there was an increase in crime rates in various parts of the country. Hong Kong police announced that two of the knife gang members who grabbed 50 packages of toilet paper from the distributor were caught.

Hong KongIt was learned that a gang of 3 people in Istanbul seized the market distributor and ran away by stealing 50 packages of toilet paper.

Two of the gang members who stole toilet paper worth about 1700 Hong Kong dollars ($ 220) were caught by the Hong Kong police. Studies are ongoing to capture the third person who fled.

Hong Kong residents reacted to this robbery with ‘surprise and compassion’.

If a woman speaks to local TV channel İCable, “If I was, I would steal a mask instead of toilet paper” found in the description.

It is stated that as a result of the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, panic air in the society is also effective in increasing crime rates in the country.


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