CPM 0.01, note 0.47; Behind Nota in Delhi: Math | Delhi Election


The Aam Aadmi Party has won a landslide victory in New Delhi elections. An example of the ruling is that Kejriwal’s party won 53.62% of the total votes polled. The debate on how the Citizenship Amendment Act will affect the BJP will be activated in the coming hours. The BJP polled 38.57 per cent votes. The Congress got 4.36 per cent votes. The most pathetic performance in history.

According to the Election Commission’s site, the CPI won 0.02 per cent and CPM 0.01 per cent, despite not being very active. But Nota has gained 0.46 percent of the vote. In Bawana, CPI candidate Abipsa Chauhan received 1104 votes. CPM candidate Nathu Ram of Wazirpur constituency got 139 votes and Dilip Kumar of CPI was 404 votes. In Batherpur constituency, CPM’s Jagadish Chand got 420 votes and CPM’s Ranjith Tiwari got 413 votes in Karawal Nagar. It is interesting to note that the Left’s candidates are far behind in all three of the five seats.

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 CPM, CPI vote share in Delhi Election 2020

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