Coronavirus virus worries in state; 3252 under observation


Thiruvananthapuram: Health minister KK Shailaja has said that the coronavirus virus is running out of state. The health department said the corona is spreading across 25 countries worldwide. The Health Minister said 3,252 people were being monitored in different districts across the state. Of these, 3,218 were in homes and 34 in hospitals.

A total of 345 samples were sent to the Virology Institute for testing. Of these, 326 samples tested were negative. The rest is about to come. There is no concern for the health of anyone currently admitted to hospital. The duration of the result of observation of others, and those who test negative, and that the Minister of Kerala from vuhanil vyaktamakki.vitukalil 28 days to report to the relevant done in the area of ​​primary health center approach suggested by doctors, hospitals and isolation done is only to ensure their probation period for making It is.

Those who have completed their probationary period and are planning to travel to other countries should make a decision by checking the guidelines of their respective countries. നിരീക്ഷ The probation period may end. But according to the World Health Organization’s guidelines issued on February 1, the list of countries where coronavirus spreads from one person to another has been changed to China, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam. There is.

US, France, Germany, UK People who come from countries who come in contact with people who have been diagnosed with the disease or who come from one of those countries where they have been diagnosed with the disease have to spend 28 days in homes. They should take good precautions during this period, ”the minister said.


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