Coronavirus: samples from Afghanistan to be tested in India | Coronavirus


NEW DELHI: The samples of coronavirus suspects in Afghanistan will be tested in India for confirmation. Union Health Minister Harshavardhan told the Lok Sabha that the decision was made following the request of Afghanistan. India has also decided to help other neighboring countries to fight the coronavirus.

Testing of samples from the Maldives has begun. India has also decided to provide technical assistance to Bhutan to monitor the arrival of foreigners, control the coronavirus infection, the Union Health Minister said.

So far, 908 people have died in China due to coronavirus. 40,171 people infected with the virus in China The virus spread from the city of Wuhan in the Hubei province and spread to all the provinces of China. In addition to China, 354 people in 27 countries have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Content Highlights: India to Test Samples of Coronavirus from Afghanistan


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